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Donkeys are delightful animals, full of personality and individuality. They have the sweetest of temperaments - especially all the Manor Farm donkeys as they are so well treated and are very, very happy here with us.

A selection of our donkeys are available for adoption, but some of them particularly like to be walked and groomed by visitors.


Name: Dixie

Born: 28 March 2006

Cheeky and cheerful, he loves to play with the other boys. Came as a 3 week old foal along with his Mum, Dulcie, and has grown into a handsome and gentle adult.


Name: Dougal

Born: 5 September 1997

Came originally from Ireland where he had a traumatic start in life, having been accidentally separated from his Mum at a very early age and developing rickets as a consequence. Now a healthy, sweet and gentle donkey, he loves his ears tickled and enjoys a peaceful life.


Name: Eddie

Born: 11 May 2000

Quite rare in colouring and extremely handsome. Very strong but also quite shy. A big boy, who is a real gentle giant and loves to play with wellies.


Name: Heidi

Born: 2 March 1979

A former beach donkey, she is the oldest and wisest, and, despite being small in size, is very much the boss! Has the loudest eeyore to be heard – sometimes in the village! The other donkeys look up to her and she runs the herd.

Jim Lad

Name: Jim Lad

Born: approx 15 August 1996

Previously a household pet. Known to the staff affectionately as ‘Naughty Jim’ due to his habit of chasing the lady donkeys at certain times of the year! A very reliable donkey when giving rides, he also pulls a cart in his spare time.


Name: Molly

Born: approx 13 April 1989

A real ‘lady’, she has the most gentle and loving nature. Has done lots of work with children and disabled groups and appears in the Farm Nativity Play and local Palm Sunday parades. Unfortunately very much abused in her former home.


Name: Popeye

Born: approx 31 August 1996

The cheekiest of them all! Arrived as a young donkey and has grown to be very sweet but incredibly strong. He does like to run off with anything that doesn’t belong to him though, and is an expert pickpocket.


Name: Sadie

Born: 22 May 1997

Born at Manor Farm to Molly, she is very hairy, with beautiful blonde ears. Although she has been weaned for a very long time she still maintains a special bond with her Mum. Used for activities with children.