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Hoots Hollows is a magnificent display of over 40 owls from around the World, most of them rescued. It is one of the highlights of any visit to Manor Farm.

It is one of the largest collections in the UK, and is housed in a splendid set of aviaries, with a purpose-built Arena where you can get close to some of the owls, learn more about them, and maybe even get to hold one!

Those shown below are suitable to be held by visitors, and the favourites for adoption.

These are some of our star performers who can be seen and handled in the Arena.


Name: Basil

Breed: Indian Scops Owl

This rather affectionate little owl came to us as an unwanted bird as the owner deemed him to be 'ugly'. We however are of the opinion that he is very cute. He has a playful personality and just loves having behind his tufts tickled.


Name: Bernie

Breed: Barn Owl

We were given Bernie when he was only 2 months old. It had not been possible to find him a home so we took him in as part of the family. He is a lovely owl, with plenty of character, and it is thanks to him that Hoots Owls began and now rescue owls from all over the country. He loves to swoop over and land on your shoulder. He is a very cute looking owl.


Name: Dinky

Breed: Burrowing Owl

After being bred for a private collector, Dinky suddenly found that he was no longer wanted as the collector decided not to take him. Dinky was given to us when he was just five weeks old and was hand reared (Dinky was just a ball of fluff at this stage)! He now likes to dig holes all over his aviary (as the name of "Burrowing Owl" suggests), and is a very cute and nosey owl.


Name: Midnight

Breed: Barn Owl

After another breeder was let down by a collector, we were again contacted and asked if we could take in a Barn Owl. Midnight is not just any Barn Owl though, she is a Dark Breasted Barn Owl, and you can tell this by the colour of her feathers compared with a normal Barn Owl. She is a very tame and loving bird, who loves to receive lots of attention as well as look adorable.


Name: Mini

Breed: Indian Scops Owl

Mini was part of a large collection of owls that was used on shows throughout the country. The team was split up after the owner became too ill to continue showing the birds. Mini is very cute and like Basil, is extremely popular with young children. A great addition to our team.


Name: Misty

Breed: White Faced Scops Owl

We were given Misty when he was only eight weeks old to prevent him from being exported to Japan. He is a very inquisitive little owl who likes to explore and although he can't yet fly, he has a great ability to climb. He sleeps for long periods of time and will always find the warmest place to take a nap. His favourite place seems to be on your slipper whilst you have your foot in it!


Name: Nutmeg

Breed: Barn Owl

We were given Nutmeg to temporarily look after some years ago, but upon reuniting with her owner, Nutmeg refused to settle down. Ever since then she has been with us, and is very content with being at our owl sanctuary. Nutmeg is 12 years old and is now nearly blind, though she's still very vocal and likes to meet new people. Nutmeg loves to receive lots of fuss and attention!